What is a Consortium?
Various police agencies in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania have joined together to test for the position of police officer. This test allows applicants to take one written and one physical test and be considered for multiple police agencies.

Why should I participate in the Consortium?
Successfully passing the initial testing offered by this Consortium allows for you to be considered for employment by any of the participating agencies. You save time and money by paying one application fee and taking one test, instead of separately applying and testing for each individual agency.

How does the testing process work?
The first test is the physical fitness test. If you pass the physical fitness test, you will immediately proceed to the written test. After the test results are finalized the Consortium will forward the list of eligible candidates to each of the participating departments. All applicants will be notified in writing of their testing status and eligibility. You will then be contacted by interested agencies who will advise on the next steps required of you. Such next steps may include an interview, polygraph, background investigation, psychological evaluation, etc. We actually made a video so you can see what to expect.

How often is testing conducted?
Testing is usually held at least annually.

How should I prepare for the physical fitness test?
The physical fitness test is a specific battery of tests that applicants must be able to pass. Detailed information about the physical fitness test, to include how to prepare for the selected tests can be found by clicking here.

When am I scheduled to take the test?
You will be advised of the location and time of your test in writing after you submit the Preliminary Testing Application and fee.

What do I need to bring to the test?

  1. Photo Identification
  2. Informed Consent and Essential Job Functions of a Police Officer
  3. Healthcare Provider Statement Form

When will I know the results of the physical fitness test?
You will be advised immediately whether you passed or failed an event.

What happens if I do not pass the physical fitness test?
If any portion of the physical fitness test is failed, the applicant is no longer able to move forward in the process and would need to begin the process over the following year.

How should I prepare for the written test?
The written test is designed to measure basic skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic which are important for successfully learning and performing an entry-level, law enforcement position.

When am I scheduled to take the written test?
The Written Test will be held immediately following the physical test.

What do I need to bring to the written test?
Photo Identification

When will I know the results of the written test?
Within 10 days of your test date, you will be notified in writing of your score.

What happens if I do not pass the written test?
Each municipality determines what they accept as a passing score. All scores are shared with all participating agencies. The determination of whether or not the applicant passed the written test is determined by the individual agencies and not by the Consortium. Applicants not passing any phase of the testing process may reapply for the next test.

What is Act 120?
Under Pennsylvania Act 120, any person employed as a municipal police officer in the Commonwealth is required to have successfully completed a defined course of instruction covering all areas of police work – commonly referred to as the police academy.

Is it beneficial to have my Act 120 Certification?
Some of the participating agencies require Act 120 and some do not. If you are selected by an agency that does not require Act 120, the agency will pay the tuition. You should confirm with the agency as to their specific requirements and employment benefits while attending the academy. Act 120 certification is not a requirement to participate in the testing process.

Which agencies require Act 120?
The consortium does not maintain a list of agencies requiring Act 120. Contact the agency for their hiring standards including if they require Act 120 certification.

What are the starting salaries?
Contact the agency for their salary & benefits package. The average starting salary of a patrol officer in Cumberland County is $62,500.

I submitted the application and fee but can no longer attend the testing, can I receive a refund?
Your application fee will be refunded if you successfully complete the written test. Refunds may take 3-5 business days to appear in your account. No other refund requests will be considered.

Is there an age limit?
You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the testing process. There is no maximum age limit.